Work for YellowDog

When you come in for an interview at YellowDog, it’s a safe bet that we’ll have plenty of questions for you.  (We want to get to know our potential hires, after all!) On the other hand, you probably have a lot of questions for us! Hopefully this will give you a closer look at what our world is like.


There are no current openings at this time, but please send us your resume and portfolio for future consideration.


No cubicles here! We are located in a 1920s house-turned-office with additional space in the carriage house-turned-office out back. We are lucky enough to each have our own office, but we’re not completely shut off from each other. Other things to note: you will not find a single PC here, we also occupy a carriage house-turned meeting space in the building behind us, and we are pretty sure we have a resident ghost. We’ll admit that we occupy some pretty cool digs…plus you never have to worry about finding a parking spot!

Daily Grind

Our days begin at 8:30 and we attempt to get out of here by 5. We enjoy an hour-long lunch break, and since we’re located in the Chesterfield Valley, there’s plenty of places to grab a bite! We are flexible when it comes to doctor appointments and illnesses, and you are always allowed to leave early if you are going to a Cardinals game!


We are a tight knit bunch of 8 super-creative, non-weird (maybe a little weird) guys and gals. We pretty much make ourselves at home here – you’ll find us listening to tunes, burning scented candles, wearing jeans, and snacking throughout the day. We’ll go out to lunch together every now and then…and if we have the rare moment where we’re not too busy in the summer, we take a company float trip!


YellowDog is a casual place, but every so often we’ll get snazzy for a client meeting. We are not the kind of place where someone is constantly breathing over your shoulder and watching what you do. We work independently, but we also collaborate on projects. It’s a good mix here at YellowDog!


YellowDog is currently looking for the following positions:

no openings at this time